Lore of the Wise Craft

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I wrote these Courses and Workshops because I see the amazing, curious new people being inspired by witchcraft and Earth-based spirituality, but with no formal way to learn the basics. There are wonderful beginner’s books available to us at the moment, but they cannot fully compare to the rich experience of a class, and the intimate atmosphere of being taught in-person with fellow seekers.

Lore of the Wise Craft is a set of Courses and Workshops created to deeply investigate the basics of modern witchcraft – ritual, spellcasting, lore, meditation, energy working and pathworking – and give students a well-rounded learning experience with a strong spiritual foundation.

Classes include discussions and activities, as well as many opportunity for experimentation and group-work. They also allow for everyone to create and perform their own versions of ritual steps, thereby learning how to craft and perform rituals.

I believe these Courses and Workshops teaches a deep understanding and respect for modern witchcraft, but also gives the Seeker the necessary tools to pursue their own spiritual path - whatever shape it takes - with confidence, curiosity, and wisdom.